Configuration of main skin parameters

Please note that for this demo you cannot apply the skin configuration on another area than this page (mind why ?).

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After [Ok] hit browser reload button to see modifications

Existing styles

Font family

User default

Font size

 Main - def: 100%
 Text - def: 100%
 Sidebar - def: 90%
 Sidebar title - def: 110%
 Commands - def: 90%
 Footer - def: 90%
 Title - def: 132%
 Header 1 - def: 132%
 Header 2 - def: 124%
 Header 3 - def: 116%
 Header 4 - def: 108%

Line height

 Text - def: 120%


 SideBar width - def: 8em

Sidebar links

Underline sidebar option
Line atop sidebar option

Bottom actions

Hide bottom actions

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Text color

 Text - def: #000000
 Title - def: #303030
 Link - def: #202020
 Link: visited - def: #202020
 Link: hover - def: #202020
 Sidebar link - def: #505050
 Sidebar link: hover - def: #505050
 Commands link - def: #505050

Background color

 Top - def: #e6e6e6
 Text - def: #f6f6f6
 Sidebar - def: #f0f0f0
 Sidebar title - def: #d6d6d6
 Link - def:
 Link: visited - def:
 Link: hover - def: #ffff9f
 Sidebar link - def:
 Sidebar link: hover - def: #ffff9f
 Sidebar title link - def:

Links underlined

 Link underline - def: underline
 Link: hover underline - def: underline
 Sidebar link underline - def: none
 Sidebar link: hover underline - def: underline
 Commands link underline - def: none
 Commands link:hover underline - def: underline

Links in italic

 Link style: italic - def: italic
 Link visited: italic - def: normal

Background image


List bullet

 Main level


The CSS parameters are adapted to the user font size defined in the browser. So all size defined in pixels are avoided as far as possible. This is different from pmwiki default parameters which are defined in pixels. The css pmwiki default are overridden by the parameters defined in this page, which are read *after* the pmwiki's default. This left to the user the responsibility to choose what is adapted to its viewing ability and screen pixels size. Find here this page CSS file(approve sites) which can be used on any other pmwiki by renaming it 'local.css' and installing it in /pub/css directory.

Font sizes

  • Main font size is relative to the user configured size.
  • Main font size is the base for others font sizes.
  • Left title size is relative to left size

SideBar width

The width is defined in 'em' units in order to have self-adaptation to font size.
Whatever the value you enter, the minimum displayed width is dictated by the longest word of all options, but with IE, other options are decorated only on the minimum width, which looks bad.
Default is 8em and should be modified if you are using long words as titles, which may be required by some languages (german, for example).

Screen update

Due to browser caching/server delays, the layout modification may not be taken into account immediately.
If modification is seen in fields but not on screen, rerun. You may be obliged to hit <Ctrl><Shift>[Reload button] on your browser to have modifications taken into account.


  • An easy manner to go back to one default parameter is to set an empty field.
  • units (%, #, em) are not needed when writing parameters

Predefined styles

Selecting one predefined styles will overwrite some data. A predefined style can modify only some fields (e.g. colors) or all fields. You also can save the current style as a predefined style file. If you wish to set only some parameters in the style, edit the file with any text editor and remove unneeded parameters.

Applicable to

When you defines the elements where to apply configuration (whole wiki or a given group) and click [Ok], the present page configuration is transferred to theses elements. It will not be modified till you defined again the same applicable elements. Practically, the css file is copied under the group name in the pub/css directory, e.g. MyGroup.css. The whole wiki css file is named local.css. Beware that group configuration override whole wiki configuration, which may be confusing.

Background superposition :

  • Top/body image is masked by text and left background colors. To have this image displayed in these areas, set the color(s) to none.
  • Text image overwrite text background color.
  • Left image overwrite left background color.

Images - Upload here

Note: Background image selecting options are only proposed if you have uploaded images... Attach:bgimage1.jpg Δ Δ|bgimage1.jpg Attach:bgimage2.jpg Δ Δ|bgimage2.jpg Attach:bgimage3.jpg Δ Δ|bgimage3.jpg
Attach:bgimage4.jpg Δ Δ|bgimage4.jpg Attach:bgimage5.jpg Δ Δ|bgimage5.jpg Attach:bgimage6.jpg Δ Δ|bgimage6.jpg

File (image) list attached to this page:

    Images are loaded in the uploads/Site.SkinConfig or uploads/Site directory (depending upload configuration). You should takes care to give free access to this directory. So beware if you have protected uploads directory and set $EnableDirectDownload=0; - In this case the background and bullet images are not accessible by the browser.

    Layers and priority

    Special case, rarely seen, except on this page...
    Normally, pages settings have priority on Group settings, which have priority on Wiki settings.
    As explained above a top/body image can be seen on the whole page provided you give 'transparency' to the text and left areas by setting the background color of these areas to 'none'.
    Though, if you wish to do so with one group (or page), the background settings of the 'Whole Wiki' should also be set to 'none', if not, you will only see the color set for the whole Wiki. Say, 'none' value cannot be surimposed to another setting. Anyway, you can always set an image for the text and left areas, which will have priority on color. Clear ?

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